Benjamin James

A highly competent cutter and all-round stylist, Ben’s true passion is styling hair in all of it’s infinite forms and nuances.

Ben travels to Milan and Paris twice-yearly to the European fashion show season assisting renowned hairdressers such as Duffy, Anthony Turner and Guido on designer shows such as Louis Vuitton, Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens and Marni to name a few.

When not tending the tresses of his clients he is highly active working on his own personal projects in the field of editorial hairdressing with his work being regularly featured in Black Magazine and NZ Herald Viva.

Possessing an infectious zeal and passion for what he does, Ben is tremendously well-researched on all things current and pertinent to hair fashion in general.  He has a wonderful communication ability to boot.

Ben works Tuesday to Saturday with late nights on Wednesday and Thursday.