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Ryder is located on the corner of Customs St and Britomart Place, in the downtown Britomart fashion and dining precinct of Auckland. The design of the salon, by architects Petr Cvejn and Andrew Greenslade, makes abstract references to steel workshops and wooden boat construction, as a reflection of its waterfront context, and is infused with a modern Japanese sense of purity, with moiré patterns, notions of brickwork, and the warmth of natural wood as key elements.

The timber screens that are the central design feature of the salon separate the styling and washing spaces, and provide privacy from the street while still allowing glimpses of the busy life of the city outside. Ryder has long had a collaborative relationship with top New Zealand conceptual sculptor Michael Parekowhai, and installations of his artwork can be seen throughout the salon.

The retail zone at reception carries a full range of hair care, treatment and styling products and tools. Our product ranges include O & M, Oribe, R+Co, Cloud 9 and ghd styling tools and YS Park brushes along with a curated selection of luxury beauty and lifestyle products, such as Curio Noir candles.

Winner: Best New Salon Design at Hair Expo Australia 2013
Winner: Bronze Award at DINZ Best Awards, Retail Environments 2013


Brooke Perreau

A highly skilled all-round hairdresser having developed a love for hair and makeup in her high-school years,  Brooke has a particular love for all things hair colour. As one of our resident Colour Specialists, her work ranges from highly natural right through to bold colour changes. Beautiful blondes, Full-head Lightening, Highlighting, Balyage and Colour Corrections are all part of her repertoire. She has a complete focus on retaining and maintaining condition in the hair whatever outcome she is working towards and is a strong advocate of using the correct post-colour treatment and haircare regimen.

She has strong cutting and styling skills as well, having packed in many experiences in the fashion arena in her career to date.
The social side of hairdressing – getting to know clients and meeting new people – are part of what keeps her excited about her craft and the industry, and she’s built a large following at Ryder.

Brooke works Tuesday to Saturday, with late nights on Tuesday and Thursday.

Benjamin James

A highly competent cutter and all-round stylist, Ben’s true passion is styling hair in all of it’s infinite forms and nuances.

Ben travels to Milan and Paris twice-yearly to the European fashion show season assisting renowned hairdressers such as Duffy, Anthony Turner and Guido on designer shows such as Louis Vuitton, Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens and Marni to name a few.

When not tending the tresses of his clients he is highly active working on his own personal projects in the field of editorial hairdressing with his work being regularly featured in Black Magazine and NZ Herald Viva.

Possessing an infectious zeal and passion for what he does, Ben is tremendously well-researched on all things current and pertinent to hair fashion in general.  He has a wonderful communication ability to boot.

Ben works Tuesday to Saturday with late nights on Wednesday and Thursday.

Jannine Jones

Jannine is a real Ryder original, having completed her formal training with us many years ago and developing since into a highly skilled all-round hairdresser. She has a gentle personality with a thoughtful forbearance and an artistic spirit to match.

Jannine’s key speciality is Colour. As our Head-Colourist she trains the next generation of colourists coming up at Ryder in classic Highlighting and expressive Freehand techniques.

Her work-style ranges from natural and soft right through to bolder, directional looks. Totally skilled and conversant in all toning, colour correction and dramatic colour changes, Jannine has many years of experience to draw on.

To help manage demand, her colour workflow is managed in two ways. One of our colourists will work under her supervision or she personally performs the colour-work depending on complexity and timing. There is an extra surcharge for the latter.

Jannine works Tuesday to Saturday with late nights on Tuesday and Thursday.

Greg Murrell

Ryder founder Greg has enjoyed a decades-long career in hairdressing and has a close relationship with the fashion industry.

In addition to running Ryder, he has devoted much energy to fashion shows and photographic work for both iconic and upcoming New Zealand fashion brands. As long-time hair editor of Black magazine, he has produced dozens of original hair looks for every kind of editorial shoot.

A specialist haircutter in the salon, his signature style includes giving a fashion edge to wearable hairstyles, creating interesting new textures and working in a naturalistic but well-shaped way. He has an innate sensitivity to suitability and a real connection to the individual character of each head of hair.

His passions include music, reading, photography, football , exercise and food culture.

Greg works Tuesday to Friday with late nights on Tuesday and Thursday.

Nicholas Macaulay

The always debonair Mr Macaulay has been a hairdressing practitioner for many more years than he may care to remember.

But his nonchalance is balanced by an attention to service and a skill level that is rarely matched in this industry.

Faultlessly consistent, Nicholas is also a master of the art of hair-up, and is renowned for his ability to control hair and also cut geometric shapes.

A man who enjoys culture, fashion and fine Italian automobiles, he is also a thinker when it comes to politics and world affairs. He’s got it all.

Nicholas works Tuesday and Thursday,Friday and Saturday with late nights on Tuesday and Thursday.

Krizden Edser

The doyenne of the desk, salon manager Krizden is the glue that holds everything together at Ryder.

A talented hairdresser in her own right, Krizden applies this experience in keeping salon operations running smoothly and the staff in good humour. A problem-solver, Camp Mother, quality control on the coffee and possessor of eyes the calming blue of the Mediterranean and a ready smile, Krizden is well loved by clients and staff alike.

Fashion, music, and pop culture are all strong interests but balancing all of this is a strong connection with nature as she spends some of her leisure time in the great outdoors.

Perhaps that’s where her calm demeanour comes from.

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Art at
Ryder salon

Michael Parekowhai

Rainbow Servant Dreaming
Sculptural installation at Ryder Salon

Small grey men float against the walls of Ryder Salon. Dressed traditionally, in double-breasted coats and bowler hats, carrying briefcases and umbrellas, they are the creation of artist Michael Parekowhai. These dutiful civil servants are peppered throughout Ryder, producing a kind of three-dimensional wallpaper.
The little sculptures are named Rainbow Servant Dreaming. They were inspired by a painting from one of the masters of surrealism, René Magritte. Golconde (1953) depicts a mass of identical men wearing overcoats and bowler hats floating suspended in the air, amid blue skies and suburban housing.
Parekowhai’s men are painted Kodak grey, a neutral colour used to calibrate light readings in photography. They are expressions of habit and routine, casting shadows on the walls. Guardians of the space, the small grey men are discreet. They may hear, but they will never tell.

Rainbow Servant Dreaming

Material: fiberglass & 2 pot automotive paint
Dimensions: 420mm (h) x 170mm (w) x 105mm (d)

Artist Profile

Michael Parekowhai works across the disciplines of sculpture, installation and photography. His art often plays with perceptions of space, locality, and nationhood, exploring the way culture is understood and valued. In 2011 he was the sole artist to represent New Zealand at the 54th Venice Biennale, an important event in the international arts calendar. Michael is a Professor at the University of Auckland, where he teaches Fine Arts.


Ryder believes it is essential for every company to commit to sustainable and ethical practices. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to make our salon and company more environmentally conscious and socially responsible. Here are our current commitments.

Salon Design

The flooring is re-purposed native Puriri timber sourced from roof-beams from re-developed heritage buildings in the Britomart precinct.
The steel styling bays are fully recyclable and the 5500 wooden blocks in the screens can be re-purposed.


Ecoheads showerheads have been installed at our basins, which double water pressure and use 40% less water. These also filter out chlorine and generate negative ions to soften and smooth the hair.
A water filter system has been installed so all impurities are filtered, including chlorine.


Our power is sourced through Meridian Energy, a supplier of energy from renewable sources.
We are changing all task and display lighting where possible to LED from fluorescent and halogen. These lamps use less energy, last longer and do not emit heat.
Most salon lighting is switched off when we are closed, the exceptions being the Neon artworks by Michael Parekowhai displayed in our windows and a small illumination of our retail area by LED.
Sensors have been installed on the lighting in our laundry and bathrooms to conserve energy. 


The weekly salon commercial clean is performed by the Clean Planet company which has Asthma Foundation Sensitive Choice certification. They use safer cleaning products and smarter cleaning methods.
Our daily in-salon cleaning products are sourced from the Ecostore Company which has a sustainable approach to all aspects of manufacture and uses safer, healthier ingredients.

Products and Processes

We have changed our retail offering to focus on products that are sulphate- and paraben-free, cruelty-free and that use more naturally derived ingredients. Original & Mineral, Oribe, Iles Formula and R+Co have strong sustainable and ethical approaches and strive to minimise environmental impact and chemical ingredients while still delivering professional-quality results.

Our colour supplier is Original & Mineral, an Australian company that has industry-best values and practice around sustainability. Most products are shipped carbon-zero, waste packaging volume is minimal, plant-derived ingredients are used wherever possible, bio-diversity is supported and no Paraphenylenediamine (PPD), Ammonia or Resorcinol is used in their colour products.
Original & Mineral colour tubes are aluminium and we recycle these.

We are a member of Sustainable Salons, a resource recovery programme designed for our salon to achieve zero waste, reduce our carbon footprint and implement sustainable work practices that benefit our local community. Through this programme, we achieve the following:

Our chemical waste is collected and processed back into water rather than flushing it through waterways.

Cut hair is collected for re-use such as composting and containment of oil spills. Any ponytails longer than 20cm are collected and sent to wigmakers.

Sharp metals are safely collected and recycled.

All plastics (including soft plastics) are collected and recycled.

We use Refoil recycled foil, and recycle all our used foil.

We recycle all appropriate paper, metal, plastic and glass and this is guaranteed to be recycled.

Our Tools are recycled once they reach the end of their life.

Any proceeds from the sale of recyclable materials collected through this programme are donated in cash to KiwiHarvest, a company that distributes meals to those going without.

Compostable food waste, including coffee grounds and tea remnants, is collected in corn starch liners and disposed of to appropriate collection bins in our building where it is then taken for commercial composting. We use Good Things Toilet Tissue which comprises 70% bamboo & recycled sugarcane.

We have installed a collection of plants not only for the aesthetic enhancement but also for their ability to tolerate low-light, live indoors and filter CO2 from the air.
Utilising rubber collars in addition to capes on our clients has led to a reduction in the number of towels laundered on a daily basis.
The Energy Star rating system is considered when purchasing office chattels such as printers, scanners and computers.
Printing is kept to a minimum.

We serve Harney and Sons Tea, which they purchase directly from ethical estates and hand blend and pack in their facility in upstate New York. Harney and Sons are members of 1 % for the planet, where 1% of their profits are donated towards positive environmental change.