Jannine Jones

Jannine is a real Ryder original, having completed her formal training with us many years ago and developing since into a highly skilled all-round hairdresser. She has a gentle personality with a thoughtful forbearance and an artistic spirit to match.

Jannine’s key speciality is Colour. As our Head-Colourist she trains the next generation of colourists coming up at Ryder in classic Highlighting and expressive Freehand techniques.

Her work-style ranges from natural and soft right through to bolder, directional looks. Totally skilled and conversant in all toning, colour correction and dramatic colour changes, Jannine has many years of experience to draw on.

To help manage demand, her colour workflow is managed in two ways. One of our colourists will work under her supervision or she personally performs the colour-work depending on complexity and timing. There is an extra surcharge for the latter.

Jannine works Tuesday to Saturday with late nights on Tuesday and Thursday.